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Thanks for visiting the newsroom, a collection of articles written about me. I have participated in various events over the years, and for some reason, newspapers documented them. Below is a short description and some background of each article and it's link.

Braille Challenge, 2012

In the year 2012, I competed in an event known as the braille challenge. It is a contest for blind and visually impaired persons testing them on reading, writing, proofreading,and comprehension of charts and graphs. Except all in braille. I won it in that year and I actually did good enough to advance to the national level. That competition was held in Los Angeles, California, and a local paper reported that. Here's the article.

Up To The Challenge? -- The Madison Courier Another local paper also featured me. Mason Tilley Represents KY in California Braille Event

Braille Challenge, 2014

In 2014, I won the challenge again and again I advanced to the national level. This time, the American Printing House for the Blind had something to say in their newsletter, and here it is.

Behind The Sceens At APH

Braille Challenge: 2016

In 2016, I won the braille challenge yet again. I didn't advance to the national level, but another local paper covered it anyway. Here's the article.

Tilley Wins Braille Challenge!

The Kentucky School For The Blind Radio Network, 2018

As I mentioned on the About Me page of this website, I am a part of Kentucky School For the Blind's radio station. I was attending the school for a short while to receive help with math when a teacher approached me and asked for help configuring audio equipment in their on-campus station. I went down there and set it up, and then I started doing shows for with some of their other menbers. A Louisville newspaper wrote a small article about that, and here it is.

Finding Their Niche On The Air

Insight 2018

In June of 2018, I attended a college preparation camp known as "Insight," which was held at an actual college. There are pictures, as well as an article, of and about this program at the following link.

Insight Camp Visits MSU

Link Submissions

Those are all the articles written about me I could find at this point in time. If you know of any other articles about me that I didn't link to, please submit them to me using the below form. I'll add them to this page shortly.