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Welcome to this page, which contains things I couldn't really clasify into any other part of this site. There is all kinds of stuff here, like code I'm doing, papers I've written, and anything else relating to me really. In other words, miscellaneous content. By the way, do you even know how hard it is to spell miscellaneous?

My English 102 Final

Well I just recently got done with English 102, or Writing II, as they say in the classroom. My professor is pretty cool, so instead of giving us this really dumb, boring test, he told us to write an essay instead. Then, he told us to supplement it with media of a different type. For example, you could write a paper on gun control and augment it with a video as well, so as to appeal to different audiences.

Well, when I read this assignment email notification from blackboard, I had no idea what the heck to do. I was like: "What the heckk, man. How am I gonna do this?" Cause like, I didn't really care all that much about a lot of things that really ground people's gears and stirred them up. Oh sure, I have opinions on common hot potatoes like gun control, abortion, etc, but what could I possibly say... what insight could I possibly provide... that the supreme court, Twitter, and every news media source in the world hasn't already? So then I thought: "well what do I care about then?" And I came up with three things. Athletics, audio production, and computers. This was supposed to be a persuasive project though, and as much as I loved being athletic and producing, there really wasn't a whole lot to argue about. But computers... bruh, everything now is about computers. Like, what part of life in 2020+ do you not use a computer for? So I decided: "hey, I think I'll write about those." So, I fired up word, outlined my essay, and started writing.

As you may know, I'm also a programming hobbyist, so I augmented my paper with a program. Yep, that's right. A program that you download on your computer and run. Pretty cool, huh? Well no, but I thought it was. So my argument was: "Technology is not as great as you think it is." So, I wrote out my paper, and then I programmed a piece of software that would show how stupid computers can be sometimes. I reasoned: "Hey, what better to show people how irritating computers are than a computer?" I didn't do a video. I didn't do a blog. I didn't record a podcast. I wrote some software. And you can check out the whole thing Right Here

More of My essays

Speaking of english assignments, here are some of the other papers I wrote for both writing I and II.