My Music

Welcome to my music page, where you'll find tracks I produce. From hip hop/rap to funk and everything in between, from fully finished, mixed and mastered projects to half formed ideas, here's everything I got for you to listen to. Enjoy.

Songs I made A long Time Ago

Starting with the past! When I first realized I liked making music, I was thrilled. I wanted to go out and make these great sounding songs. And I thought I could do it, to. I was a drummer, a bassist, a guitarist, and a vocalist. I thought I had it made. But there was only one problem. I couldn't have played and sang with all of those instruments at the same time. Believe me, I tried. But it just didn't work. So, I eventually got my hands on a Yamaha YPG235 digital keyboard, which allowed me to record up to six midi tracks. That got me started with making music, and below you'll find a download of some of the first songs I ever created. Not good by any means, but here they are.


More Recently...

I purchased Logic Pro, Apple's digital audio workstation. It has served me well and I make all kinds of stuff with it. You can look below, or also on My Youtube for tracks I may not have posted here yet.

6PM City

This is an alternativve, old school kind of hip hop track. It kind of reminds me of heading home on the interstate on a rainy evening around 6:00. Just something about the rough drums, the sawing strings, and the electric pianos kind of gives me that vibe. Take a listen but beware, this is only a half formulated idea right now.

10 AM

This is another hip hop kind of track, whose wavey electric pianos and bassline remind me of the morning time just after you wake up around 10:00. It's a fully finished track so check it out!

Across Madness

This track is crazy. It transitions from pounding trap to contemplative hip hop and back again, all while going through at least 4 key changes. The central melody remains the same throughout, yet the instruments around it dictate the overall key. Starting in c#, then to A, to F#, to D, then finally to G#, it's quite a listen. Check it out


This is kind of a DJ Mustard, west coast trap beat that I made. I put it together after one of those stupid and meaningless, yet fun and entertaining, conversations you have with your friends in college. Well I was sitting outside of starbucks with my buddy one day and we somehow got on the topic of how hard it would be to rap the alphabet, alternating between letters and numbers. Like this.

A, 2, C, 4, E, 6, G, 8...

Well, after trying it a few times, and discovering that it was actually very difficult, we thought we would get really good at this alternate rapping skill and do it at the next talent show we could find. I put together a beat, even rapped the alternate alphabet over it (not included here) but as with many of our ideas, this never went anywhere. So, I just finished the beat and here it is.

At The Cross

This is a traditional church hymn that I recorded, which I have always liked. It's usually played in C major, or any major key, but I recorded this version in D Minor, which gives it more of a dramatic feel of sorts. It's also recorded in the country gospel style. I had a piano player from my home church lay down some keys on this track, and I went into a studio and recorded live drums. The rest I tracked myself. I have acoustic and electric guitars, bass,, electric piano, some virtual strings, and pedal steel. Take a listen.


One time, when I went down to Florida to an island called "Longboat Key", I went to this restaurant that wasn't hardly a mile from where I was staying. I walked there and ate outside, and they had some of the most incredible and interesting LoFi type music I've ever heard. The place was called "Whitney's" and this was on Sunday, May 15, 2022 at night. It wasn't live, of course, so I couldn't find any sort of listing for somebody who would have been playing. It sounded more like an internet radio station.

Well, anyway, the music stuck with me, and I created a track called "bayside" which is sort of similar. The music there reminded me of being out on the Ohio river on a summer night, fishing, or down on the farm casting my line out in the water. The way the music was designed just drew a picture of starlight on water in my mind, and the dynamics reminded me of the wide-open space of a body of water itself. That probably sounds weird, but it did feel like that to me. I tried to replicate that in this track, and didn't even get close. Especially because I took a lot of musical liberty and went off in a totally different direction I discovered... But anyhow, here's "bayside".


This beat is more uptempo, and much darker. I didn't originally even create it as an instrumental, I actually designed it to compliment Manny Fresh and Chris Brown's "Must Be" but I decided that when I removed their vocals, it sounded pretty good on its own. Here it is.

Border Country

This is my first ever country song. Well, the first one I've ever fully made into a song, that is. It's a pretty rough draft, and needs all kind of work. So many things need to be cleaned up, but you can check it out right here. I was actually enspired by a song I heard in the Dominican Republic, which actually sounded more Mexican than anything.

Chill Wave

This is a hazy, chill type trap instrumental. It was one of the first good beats I ever made, back before I really got the hang of everything.


This is more of a classic trap beat, set at around 130 beats per minute. It flows nice and is simplistic, so anybody could spit on it.

Dark Fire

This is more of a darker, fast paced track.

Dark Thoughts

This is a dark, pounding trap instrumental.


This is an idea I started a few years ago, when I was fooling around and came up with a pretty interesting sounding piano progression. It was sort of peaceful, so I called it "delight". It didn't start out country, but when I added the first verse, I decided it would be. I'm using a regular guitar on the left and a guitar with nashville tuning on the right. I've stopped working on it for a while, but here's what it sounds like thus far.

Heavy Alternative

This track isn't finished, it's an idea I've had and in fact there has been production past what you'll hear below. But I created it without mixing it properly so that will have to wait. It's sort of an alternative rock instrumental that I started, no idea where it will go though.

Indie Funk

I couldn't really even classify this as funk. Thus, I called it indie funk. I was playing around with an organ preset early in the morning one day and happened to lay down a pretty good sounding opening chord structure. I recorded it, elaborated on it, then finished it up and here it is.

Island Jam

This was originally a song dedicated to the absolutely wonderful ranch flavored tuna pouches available wherever tuna is sold, but the lyrics just never happened and the track itself was never finished. It has an island feel with somewhat of a new jazz/soft rock thing going with it and it's not half bad. Eventually, I slapped the last verse and chorus on it, wrote some piddly guitar solo, and called it done.

Kentucky Twang

This is a pretty fun country song I'm working on. I called it Kentucky Twang after I used a guitar which I had a good friend of mine modify, put all new pickups in and totally replace all the stock electric components. Well, it sounds a whole lot better now but the biggest difference is that classic country twang I can get out of it now. That sound really makes this track.

Kickin It

This is a classic 90s kind of hip hop beat, sort of old school. I actually made this one in about 30 minutes on the day Apple released Logic Pro 10.5, which was a huge update. I was playing around with some of the new electronic kits they had and put this together.


Yet another dark, melodic trap beat


This here is actually more of an R&B kind of a track. It's slow and flowing, just sort of open and simple. There's all kinds of room for somebody to rap over it, it's just so melodic. I actually freestyled on this one, and you can check that out too.

Now here's my freestyle. I just kinda spit it out one day, and everything you hear came straight off the dome. It took me three or four takes to correct some parts where I messed up totally, but I never wrote a thing, just improvised each time.


This track is one which I was inspired to create after hearing some random snippet of another song playing while hanging out with a couple of friends. I don't even know what genre this is, but I got an idea and made it. Kind of an electronic synthesized track, but it's pretty heavy and has some acoustic elements in there too.

Morning Dew

This is an acoustic guitar piece I wrote. It's gentle, and kind of has a thoughtful melody I'm picking out. The chord structure and melody remind me of sitting outside on the porch in the morning watching the sun come up, feeling it on my face, feeling a cool breeze blow on my arms, and hearing birds singing. You'll hear those birds here, because I put a background of the nature sounds we get out at our place behind the guitar. And no, I didn't loop that component, birds really just repeat themselves that much. Please excuse the mistakes, but there's no take two when you're just pickin for fun.


If I had to pick, this would be in like, the top 5 beats I've ever produced. It's dark, flows great, and is arranged almost perfectly.


This is just a project idea I had and then didn't do anything with for some time, so I went ahead and put it here since it didn't look like there would be further development anytime soon. It's somewhat of a DJ Mustard type beat, sort of that west coast trap thing, and I called it "Realist," for some reason. It sounds like a song with that title, or at least a song that would have that word in it.


I can only describe this beat as bumpin. It's really unique, I must say, as it has kind of a different feel to it than my other beats. If you want, you can actually listen to a podcast I had to make for a college class where I broke this track down, and you can find that

Silver Moon

This is a smooth, jazzy swing kind of an instrumental. It's composed of a main guitar chord structure, with the usual bass and drums behind it, but I added an organ in with the other rhythm instruments. The melody is performed in parts by a piano, vibes, and a trumpet section. As for the name, it's the name of a boat I saw while in the Bahamas a long time ago and which stuck with me as the name of a late night jazz show, "playing music to put you to sleep here on Silver Moon Radio."

Someday Soon

In May of 2023, I bought a Mexican-Made telecaster guitar. It was used, and on sale, which is the only way I could afford it. But, it just had some cosmetic problems, and that doesn't matter none to me. It sounded great, and so I brought it home and put this little piece together with it.


This beat is kind of a soulful organ type instrumental, which I actually started on... back in 2019. I'm finally finishing and posting it somewhere here in 2022. It's full of glistening melodies, rotary organs, and a great vocal synth pad that all sound great together.

Sprung (Excerpt)

I made this beat some time ago, and as with most of my stuff, it's not yet finished. But I like the way it sounds, so I'll post what I have so far. More of an uptempo trap beat, pretty solid.


This is a hip hop beat that kind of reminds me of that old school summertime feel you'd get from the 90s. I like these chords. This one is also pretty unfinished

The Whole Nine Yards

This beat should really be called the whole 12 notes, as that is exactly what it is. It's an instrumental chord and melody structure that loops over and over, yet each time it repeats, it changes key completely. It's very interesting, take a listen.

What If?

Another idea that hasn't seen progress in a while. Enjoy!


This is an idea I've just about given up on. It's a trap kind of beat, but it's orchestral in a way and pretty dark sounding.