Thanks for visiting my downloads page. Here you'll find various things pertaining to me or my life, or various resources that I use or have made available. In short, random downloads. These aren't sorted, but they are divided by heading level 2, so if you're a screenreader user, simply press H or the number 2 in order to navigate more quickly.

Songs I made A long Time Ago

Ok. So let me tell you a story. Long long ago, I found that I loved making music. However, the only things I had were actual instruments. And believe me, I tried, but I just couldn't manage to play all of them at once. So I saved my money and bought myself a nice Yamaha YPG235 76 key piano. It was one of their starter models, but to me it was the greatest thing in the world. So i began writing and making music with the YPG, and I was so proud of what I'd done that I put it on YouTube. Well, it turns out that my music... sucked. But, just because, I kept it around in a zip file and eventually uploaded it to this site. You can download it below


Trap Samples

So eventually, I realized that my music on the YPG sucked. I did a little research and figured out that digital audio workstations were the way to go. I hunted around and came up with aroun 300 megabytes of drum samples to get me started if I ever got one. I eventually did, and I still use those today. If you'd like, you too can use them by clicking the link below and extracting them from their zip archive.


Logic Pro X Presets

I went ahead and purchased logic pro X, so I could make my music even better. Over the years, I have developed lots of cool presets that I frequently use. You can get them here: ShadeSound Logic Presets Last update date: Wednesday, March 25 , 2020

My Music

After using Logic for a while, I started to really get the hang of beatmaking, as well as other genres of music. I produce mostly trap and hip hop instrumentals, but I do sometimes explore metal and rock. You can listen to my creations below.

Chill Wav
Dark Fire
Heavy Alternative
Kickin It

End Of Downloads

That's all the downloads I've posted so far. Thanks again for visiting this page.