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Fun Stuff!

Hi! You're currently at a page created just for fun stuff. Its real purpose is to be a testing ground, if you will, for code I write. And offten that code fails, so it'll be pretty fun to witness that here. Anyway, enjoy!

The Clock

So one day, I programmed a pretty nice clock that you can actually use. Go ahead, click the button and try it out.

Word Counter

I'm a college student, and college students have to write a lot of freekin essays. And offten, mine are never long enough. To assist myself in making sure my wowrd length is up to par, I wrote this little tool which you can use too. I could have used any old word counter I found on google, but they all suck and I don't like them. So I just made my own.

Count Some Words

That'll Be all, folks!

That's all the fun stuff I have coded or know how to code yet. Check back again later for some more fun things.