Thank you for downloading SimplyStations, a Windows program that helps you through a rotation of various exercises. I created this because our track season was temporarily put on hold due to the CorronaVirus epidemic, and I wanted to stay in shape. I found several mobile apps for my phone that would have worked fine, but all of them required some sort of in-app purchase for you to make to meet your maximum potential. I didn't want to pay for any of those, so I just made my own. Continue reading for a guide to how it works.

The Main Terminal

Yes, I know. This program is a terminal program where you have to type commands to make it work. Sorry. But once you get everything set, the whole thing runs you through your workout by itself. All you have to do is look at the screen or listen to the prompts and do them. From this window, you can type in various commands.

The Create command

If you type create at the command prompt, the program will display and guide you through the steps to configure your ideal station workout. First, it will ask you to type in the names of the eight stations you want to do, e.g.: pushups, squats, exploding lunges, burpees, mountain climbers, dips, situps, and leglifts. Once you have done this, the wizard will prompt you for the length of each station (how long you want to do that exercise for) in seconds. You will then be asked how many sets (rotations) you'd like to do and the number of rest between each exercise. You'll then be asked to enter a name for your workout. If you want to save this configuration for later, enter a desired workout name and SimplyStations will hold on to it for later use. If you just want to create and use this one once, you can press enter to skip that prompt. The wizzard should tell you that you've successfully created a stations workout and return you to the main prompt.

The Load command

If you type load at the command promt, you will be presented with a dialog where you can navigate to the folder where your previously saved workouts are stored. SimplyStations saves all files as .sst files, so these should be easy to find. Once you have located your file, click the open button.


SimplyStations comes with a few settings you can customize to your liking. They are all accessible through a wizard that will guide you through configuring them.


This command allows you to shuffle the order of your stations so that your workout doesn't become predictable.


This command starts the sequence of exercises you loaded or created. When your first station starts, you will hear a long whistle blow to indicate that. When exactly half of your station is complete, you will hear a shorter whistle to let you know you've done half of the time you specified. At the end of each station, you'll hear another long whistle. If you have chosen to do more than one rotation, SimplyStations will pause for five minutes to allow you to get some water and rest.

And that's all!

I hope this program is useful to you . If you have any suggestions or just want to contact me, you can do so