Comparison Table

Some pictures are unavailable at this time. The "Unavailable" in the table does not represent unavailability of the product.

Product Name Image Price
Small Gords A pile of various small gords $0.50
Miniature Multicolored pumpkins A selection of multicolored small pumpkins $0.50
Various Small pumpkins, butternut and blue hubberd squash, and tall tan items Many small pumpkins $1
Orange and Yellow Pie Pumpkins (Both for decorating and eating) A pile of yellow and orange pumpkins $2
Common Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkins Rows of Orange pumpkins $3
Cushaw (Sold Out) Unavailable $3
Flat Stuff Unavailable $3
Large Orange Pumpkins Unavailable $5
Large White pumpkins Unavailable $5
Huge White Pumpkins Unavailable $10

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